Invitational income



If you want to invite mining members on the left, please use the FID invitation code.


If you want to invite mining members on the right, please use the FID invitation code.


All mining members are shared infinitely to the left or right. This is not multilevel and there are no ranks.

My Team

When inviting to a mining wallet, you can choose left or right. Afterwards, the inviter is shared as a group so that all mining participants can earn income opportunities.

In the group divided into left and right, the smaller mining power is paid as tether(USDT). Since Filecoin(Fil) is paid every day, incentives are also paid every day. Distribution of mining wallets is optional and not mandatory.


Scan or click the QR code.

To install the mining wallet, you need to enter an 18-digit invitation code. Available only on Android phones, this is a way to prove your relationship.

  • Step #1. Download application
  • Step #2. Create an account
  • Step #3. Select one invitation code FID or CID.
  • Step #4. Private key derivation
  • Step #5. Start mining!

If you lose your private key with a decentralized wallet, you will not be able to find the balance of your wallet. Keep your private key in a safe place. Please note that if your private key is exposed, you can lose all your assets regardless of your password.