Mining income


Mining and incentives

By simply starting mining, Filecoin(Fil) is deposited into your wallet every day. The amount of mining can be checked in your wallet, and this is the income you can earn without doing anything.

The mined Filecoin(Fil) can be larger or smaller depending on the market price of the exchange. Filecoin is the only cryptocurrency that is used by real companies, so it is attracting attention from many related organizations.

When distributing a mining wallet, Tether(USDT) is paid as an incentive. This is a storage sharing method that allows more people to participate in Filecoin(Fil) mining. Incentives are paid daily, just like Filecoin (Fil).

Daily payment for 3 years


Filecoin(Fil) Income

It is paid every day based on the average mining volume. You can check the average mining volume in the wallet upgrade menu.


Tether(USDT) Income

In the case of distributing mining wallets, incentives are paid daily for mining by invitees. The incentive is applied according to the amount of mine.


Upgrade Miner

Buy a miner. The miner is very cheap, and you can check the price in your wallet. The amount of income is determined according to the power of the miner.

Scan or click the QR code.

To install the mining wallet, you need to enter an 18-digit invitation code. Available only on Android phones, this is a way to prove your relationship.

  • Step #1. Download application
  • Step #2. Create an account
  • Step #3. Select one invitation code FID or CID.
  • Step #4. Private key derivation
  • Step #5. Start mining!

If you lose your private key with a decentralized wallet, you will not be able to find the balance of your wallet. Keep your private key in a safe place. Please note that if your private key is exposed, you can lose all your assets regardless of your password.